On this page are the Rotas for:

1.  taking services/preaching - these also show the readings for the relevent day

2.  Childrens' church/creche

3.  lay service activity - reading, chalice, welcoming, sunday school, catering etc.

4.  flower arranging

We are always looking for more people to participate in helping make things happen.  We can only work if we are a big team.  If you would be interested in helping out, whether for any of the above or joining the cleaning teams on Saturday mornings we would love to hear from you.  Please talk to one of your churchwardens at your Sunday service

Parish Clergy Rota & Readings to the 1st December, 2019 FINAL_Presiding-_preaching_rota_5_May_-_1_Dec_2019.docx

9.45am Children's Church and Creche Children's_Church,_Creche_Jan-Apr_20.xlsx

9.45am Rota for reading, interceding, welcoming etc to the 3rd May, 2020 9.45am_Readings_&_Intercessors_Jan-3_May_2020.docx

11.15am Rota for reading, interceding, welcoming etc. to the 3rd May 2020

St Michael's Flower Rota FLOWER_ROTA_August_-_January_2020.xlsx