Friends of St Michael

If you visit St Michael's, you will see that the church is in need of some TLC. It is very beautiful and is potentially lovely. The Parish is keen to refurbish it and use it much more widely as a community asset for events and concerts, as well as worship. If you feel able to make a donation of any size or would like to help fundraise, please do email Churchwarden, Henrietta Royle, on to discuss this further or click on the Giving page.  A charity called Friends of St Michael has been established to raise money for the repair and refurbishment.  Please do contact the Chairman, Henrietta Royle (details on the giving page) if you would be willing to be a Friend.  Please note that the charity is completely separate from the PCC and has its own bank account, so all donations will only be used for fabric repair.

The initial target is £230,000, of which just over £40,000 has been raised.  All thouse interested in being a Friend are cordially welcolme.  Please sign up via Eventbrite.